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{Black Mage} {princess} {You can have this.} /slap

08 May 2011

I will feel almost like a hypocrite writing this because I have understandably leveled mostly the “princess” classes since I started playing XI: WHM, BRD, and then BLM as it has been reseated with the advent of Abyssea. However, because I think I usually played as those classes, I never really encountered the whole princess attitude until last night. Maybe I have, but I just don’t remember. I just can’t stop thinking of the Elvaan male BLM cocking his head, snapping his fingers, and swaying his hips with gusto as he demanded chests to be opened for him and wonder… “Why?”

I know BLMs are needed. I know people want the azure, the nukes, and people who can sleep all the mobs that are pulled. My problem is that I don’t get why people need to pull an attitude and feel they are above others when they really aren’t. If you see there is something in a chest and can’t open it, to me that just screams you are stupid and lazy. If you don’t bother going off to solo mobs near the party at level 90, then you are still stupid and lazy. Its like this cancer that is dressed up in pretty clothes and high damage numbers, but is still in the end a cancer that is feeding off of others and inflating an ego that is too large for its own good.

I guess what bugs me the most is that I know if I were there, I wouldn’t be pulling the unnecessary attitude because it just screams bullshit. BLMs aren’t the end all be all of XI. Especially when there are so many others that can fill that space and not pull out the princess wank. In fact, I’d probably take a BLM that wasn’t doing as much damage if they had a better attitude over one that has a piss poor attitude. /rant

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I am happy to announce that my BLU is now 90 and that I was able to upgrade my Goetia Gloves to +2.

I feel a bit weird about BLU at the moment. I feel as though I am not doing sufficient amount of damage, and that is attributed to several things that correlate to gear, merits, and possible spell choices. The gear choices I am sure will take some time as BLU isn’t my primary focus in any of my LSes, and that merits and such will come as I get back into the groove of playing that class again. Though a part of me is wondering if maybe I am over thinking things and I am actually doing ok… something I doubt as I can’t help but get a nagging feeling at the back of my head every time I am playing as a BLU. Quad. Cont. for example has numbers flying all over the place with the lowest at 479 and the highest clocking in at 2413… but I can’t complain too much since I was at least dealing the most damage before Reiokyu joined in the fray. So, eh? ._.;

2 Responses to “{Black Mage} {princess} {You can have this.} /slap”

  1. Kimiko says:

    I think it all boils down to one thing with BLMs in Abyssea now of days. Overinflated numbers = Overinflated egos. Too often I see black mages get into this mindset that “I’m doing all your damage, so I should get everything”. Makes me sick to my stomach. Personally, if I’m not nuking something down, I help with pulls, I help with sleeps, I do whatever it takes to make the alliance more effective as a team. I think if anything else, these BLM princesses quickly forget the team concept above anything else. ^^;

    • calaera says:

      Yeah, that’s what is pissing me off. Because if I were there I’d be soloing mobs, I’d be sleeping or opening chests or doing something. Not waiting around for mobs to come to me and just pick them off and not ordering someone to open a chest I am perfectly capable of opening myself if I really wanted that Ascetic’s drink. The idea of just sitting around as a BLM seems absurd to me. Gaah! Screw all of em I say! Let em rot in hell! D: