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Frustrations abound…

13 June 2011

Since I have made my Twitter private for an undisclosed amount of time, some intrepid followers may have noticed my weekly grumblings on the days of Mondays and Tuesdays. It is on these days that I am with another LS doing Abyssea events, of which I had been invited into the LS by my friends who had been in this particular LS for a number of years doing other events with them. It has also been an LS that had helped me get many atma, clears to Shinryu, and a number of goodies I would not have otherwise gotten. Which is why I feel conflicted and utterly pained when I feel like I have to drag my ass and force myself not to complain so much with the turn of events as of late.

For a number of weeks we we will typically see the insides of Altepa or La Theine (it was formerly Misareaux) farming for (or attempting to) Empyrean weapon items. Once in awhile we will go do something else, but… I am so honestly sick of those two zones that I feel like its pulling my teeth to go. It doesn’t help when I feel people are ignoring the memo on farming Tiger King’s Hide out of Gold Pyxis is better than killing that stupid Ansherekh over and over and over again and week after week. But what do we end up doing week after week? Killing that damn tiger in hopes we get the hide to get the pops, to get the KI, and then to get the items needed for someone’s weapon. I honestly wouldn’t mind this if it were more efficient, but its not… and its driving me batty. I guess I just need a change of pace as well. There are other members who could use +2 items or more of it, but we hardly go out to get those items. Even my friend is put off when she is overlooked for getting seals for her Empyrean armor, but feels like she can’t say anything because of the same situation I am in.

Meh! At least me going to the gym to workout has proven to be a good exit out of runs I am starting to find tedious and displeasing. It also gives me fuel to work out intensely once I get there and want to burn off some steam… so, eh? Other than that, it did make me think about what Hiroshiko had said before and why he felt the need to join another LS. I’m wanting to do the same myself, but finding the time for it is what seems to be the most challenging of all… I already have enough on my plate that I either have to do or would rather do because its with great people that I can laugh and have fun with (yes, that’s a shout out to mreh/TeamDerp!). Now if only Hiroshiko and Kimiko would stop acting like they were too good to hang out with us~ ;o; We need more lulz thankyouverymuch!

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  1. Rubicon says:

    Me likey this. Glad I’m on TD.

  2. Kimiko says:

    Well, I keep checking in on ya’ll, but it seems every time I’ve been on the shell has been dead quiet or empty. I need my derp to go with the herp Cala! /panic =D

  3. calaera says:

    @Rubicon :D You should be! I’m there! X3

    @Kimiko ;o; Its cause lately main stuff happens on Thursday and Friday nights (I curse my schedule!) at around 7 PM PST. That’s probably late for you, cause I noticed you play earlier than most of us are able to. ;o;

  4. Aliddotia says:

    I feel you on Shere Khan. When my LS was getting our sole Ukon to 90, we found out that we were in kinda a dilemma–we have all of the abyssites of destiny, so farming gold pyxides was hard because they start very near top-tier, so any ebon or amber put us out of the ability to get tiger king hides from chests very quickly. So we just ended up throwing LS funds and personal monies at buying up TK hides. It’s amazing how much faster that made the whole process (we did the same for Sisyphus fragments and Apademak) and we were done with Orthrus in a week.

    Of course, that was on Caitsith where things were half as expensive, and during a low spike too. They’re currently 120-150k on Ragnarok, which isn’t horribad but isn’t dirt-cheap either. I sympathize though, I don’t think I’d have the patience to farm the damn tiger over and over, he does NOT want to put out.

    That said, if you’re needing seals and stuff, have you talked to the leader about it? Most LSes seem to move on to serious Empy weapon grinding after most of their members are maxed out… at least that’s the idea, since unfortunately some jerks just get their own gear then turn the LS to the next challenge.

    As far as Kimiko goes, if he’s missing on Friday nights, that’s likely our fault! My LS runs events Friday nights. We’re off Thursday though so if he’s missing on Thursdays that’s on him. ;P Though you guys are on PST time so we’re usually done by then… maybe it IS his fault! *hides*

  5. calaera says:

    The funny thing is, we aren’t even maxed out on gear. It’s something I have found myself scratching my head on when people mention they needed seals for specific jobs they are bringing regularly to the events. Maybe I am missing something cause I haven’t been with the group as long, but I will probably just talk it over first with friends who have been in there longer than I before opening my mouth to leadership or lack thereof.

    *looks for Kimi under the desk* D; I promise to behave a little more….

  6. V says:

    To be honest I’m not sure why we are always in Altep, never have I requested nor wanted help on completing my weapon trial. I always figured we were spamming it to get people atheling mantles/epona rings and after everyone gets them Altep would be done and over with. Ofcourse I wouldn’t presume to understand how the leaders determine where we go each week.

    Given my own work schedule right now my own Abyssea activities have come to a grinding halt and I was never in a rush to finish up my weapons anyway so please don’t think I have anything to do with their decisions, because I’m as much in the dark as you are. :)

  7. calaera says:

    Hey V! I guess the atheling mantle and epona bit makes sense. Though, the way they were sometimes handled had left me kinda peeved especially when it came to he-who-shall-not-be-named. I guess if we are going to be there for such a short time, I’m looking for more efficiency or at least to see the other zones for a bit. Many people are in need of complete +1s, and it’s kinda weird when people end up having complete items for +2 but not +1. That just makes me go o.O;

    But, hey, thanks for visiting my humble abode! :3

  8. V says:

    Thanks for providing me a bit of entertainment as I am bored to tears trying to stay awake through these god awful night shifts. >_>;

    I certainly do share some of your sentiments regarding the effectiveness of our runs. To be quite frank I don’t think we have a solid strategy for abyssea yet. It is sometimes frustrating and makes me scratch my head but I do genuinely believe that the upper level decisions are never biased or personal.

    Where’s Hiro?! ;_;

  9. calaera says:

    Oh, I most certainly believe they aren’t personal or biased. I’ve talked to Reio and Hiro many times about it, and they’ve told me the gist of how things operate. I don’t mind helping out with whatever; I just want to make sure that our time is used as effectively as possible. I guess more so for me since I am playing on such a weird schedule as of late for Monday and Tuesday. :\

    Hiro actually came on today! He came for our Proto-Ultima fight. :) He’s coming back next week~

  10. V says:

    Well maybe you can enlighten me next time about how we operate then lol. xD

    Yay! Can’t wait to have that amazing taru back!