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Welcome back, Hiroshiko!

21 June 2011

For about a month and a half, TeamDerp just didn’t feel the same without our little servant boy er, kick ball.. no, um… “friend” around. Not that any of us really missed him…

In all seriousness though, we did really miss the guy and we really happy to see his brief return until his internship is over sometime this week. His presence really helped especially during our Ultima run the night he dropped in, and allowed everyone in the party who didn’t already have it to get:

Next week will be interesting once Hiroshiko comes back full time for sure. :D Hopefully we can add another day of events and maybe finish up the stuff we’ve been unable to finish up outside of the TeamDerp nights. Here’s hoping…

2 Responses to “Welcome back, Hiroshiko!”

  1. Hiroshiko says:

    Awww~ I missed you guys too. Even the death threats and racism… and Orophen. -_-; Can’t wait to do events with TeamDerp again!

  2. Kimiko says:

    Wbbles Hiro! /rollingmodekimi